Life in a world of colour

Why Polichromos?

A lifelong love of colourful things that sparkle or glow. The child who collected beach glass and seashells to make something pretty eventually went on to study, love, and create with gemstones.


Polichromos, "many colours" in Latin, describes the palette of wonders that nature creates as gemstones and that you'll find in our pieces.




Jewellery should be an expression of who you are, how you feel and what you want to say:


  • Bright flashes of colour that draw the eye to fine faceted gemstones and to you!
  • The mysterious glowing deep pools of colour that are cabochons, lush and sensual.
  • Design…feeling sophisticated, playful, haughty or fierce? Show it!
  • Blend in or stand out, what do you need to do today?


Jewellery is art. Art is expression. Although they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, diamonds have become an exercise in "who's got the largest white walls at their house?". There's nothing wrong with white walls of course, personally we think they make an excellent backdrop for a brightly coloured painting or a large happy vase of cheerful flowers and you'll find reflected in our approach to jewellery.

Who we are

Fellow of the Gemmological Society of Great Britian (FGA and DGA).

Winner of the Deeks Diamond Prize

GIA Alumni

How we design

Like people, coloured gemstones are beautiful both in their perfection and imperfections. Each and every one is unique, be it through mesmerising colour, a quirky oddness or something anywhere in between. All too often, jewellery is looked at as a status symbol, rather than a love affair with beauty in all of it's manifestations.


For us, the creative process almost always begins around the main stone itself and often we'll buy gems thinking "Oh, this one wants to be…this". It might remind us of somewhere we've been, something we've seen, someone we know or a cherished memory. Good times, bad times and every thought that goes through one's head during every one of those moments of life.

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