Life in a world of colour

Designed and brought to life. From sumptuous extravagance through sophisticated architectural designs to delicate barely there pieces.


An invitation to travel into imagination brought to reality.

The velvety blue of Sapphire, the passionate blood searing red of Pigeon Blood Ruby. The mysterious billowing blue sheen of top quality Moonstone or perhaps the hazy delights of pastel Semi-Precious gems.


Holding the little piece of the sun that is Mandarin Garnet in your hand, or letting the hot fuchsia pink of Fancy Sapphire fire your imagination... desire has no limits.


Reds, greens, blues and everything else on the colour wheel. Feast your eyes, feed your soul.

A window into past, present and future creative imaginings. Original designs inspired by special stones. Unique and one of a kind.


A very few have been conceived as a series. Come and explore the difference that colour can make to a design. Different stones, different personality, different impact. Pick and choose, and in some cases, swap them out to suit your mood!


Step inside and explore imagination in the raw.

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